Nutrition Coaching Preliminary Information: 


* Nutrition packet detailing the how, whys, and what ifs of nutrition

* Personalized meal plan

*  Grocery list

* Meal preparation tutorial 

* myfitnesspal – set up & tutorial


* Weekly online check-ins and assessments

* Access to my online nutrition community

* Meal plan adjustments 

* Personalized supplement assessments and recommendations 

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me to find out my one-on-one coaching rates



Hadn't had a sporty photo in awhile but here's an older one attached! 

"I started working with Natalie about a year and half into my fitness journey. I had lost quite a bit of weight on my own but as I continued my journey I found myself at a plateau. It became clear that I was missing a crucial part of fitness: nutrition. Even though I watched what I ate, it was not a scientific approach. I knew that in order to be my best and improve not only my lifts and fitness but also in my health I needed to understand what nutrition actually meant. That is when I found Natalie. I soon learned I was eating way too little to sustain myself at the rate I was going at and she started me on a re-feed. Natalie was available to provide me all the information I needed to succeed and always answered any questions I had promptly, and I had A LOT in the beginning. Understanding your personal nutritional needs is not so simple so having someone knowledgeable and experienced there to guide you is, I believe, a key factor to the success. I started as someone who barely ate 1200 calories because I had been accustomed to not eating and thus had trouble eating to someone who overtime was eating close to 2000 calories a day. I had never felt better; I slept better and had a lot more energy. Additionally, I have several chronic life-long health conditions and during the course of my re-feed my symptoms actually improved in some to the point where my doctors took me off medication. During my time of working with Natalie I also developed a new illness that centered about what I could digest and doctors put me on a very restrictive diet without any assistance. I reached out to Natalie about my new predicament and she helped me to still reach my daily nutrition goals regardless. This was a rough time for me personally as well and if you follow Natalie on social media you will see that she is very raw and very inspiring. She is great at pointing you towards a path of self-development as any truly great coach would be. Working with Natalie was a life changer for me and I am glad to call her my nutrition coach. I would highly recommend as you are worth the investment."


Kristin Anderson

"I work with Natalie Noe and she is amazing!! Her experiences that she shares and her knowledge are invaluable!! I have NEVER stuck with any type of diet in my life and proud to say been working solid with her since august and will continue to do so!!! I not only receive solid advice but also a friend and life coach. Someone who cheers me on and genuinely cares about my performance and overall health. I have achieved such a wonderful balance in my life and my goals are being crushed all the time! I can never thank her enough for being my coach!!!!!"

-Kim Waters