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Unless you’re a Powerlifter, Olympic Lifter or Strongman, nobody cares about how much weight you lift. Might as well do it well. If bodybuilding is what you are into (which is building up your body) then give the stretching and squeezing a try. You will notice that you will get more sore. You will also notice that your sets will have a bit of added time under tension which is also an important factor for muscle building.

 In a way you are still getting strong, but just in a different way. Some strong Powerlifters wouldn’t even be able to do a heavy duty bodybuilding workout. The higher reps including squeezing and stretching proves to be a challenge they are not used to. If bodybuilding is what you’re into then give the stretching and squeezing method a try. Do it on every single rep, even warm-up sets. You might have to lower the weights you use a bit but who cares? Whenever you get more out of less weight you are doing yourself a favor in the long run anyways.